Escape the everyday grind and reconnect with nature at Riverbreeze RV Resort & Campground! Nestled near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Marion, NC, this destination is more than just an Asheville, NC Campground. Besides the typical hiking, fishing, and outdoor exploration, there are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy right here. In this blog, we’ll share five unique activities to keep you and your group entertained during your North Carolina camping vacation.

Starlit Movie Nights End a thrilling day of mountain camping in NC with a movie night under the stars. All our accommodations come equipped with TVs, but why not enjoy your movie outdoors? Set up a portable projector with a screen or a large white sheet and a projector app on your phone. Pop some popcorn, gather around, and enjoy a family-friendly movie. You could even stick with the camping vibe and opt for an adventurous wilderness movie.

Board Game Bonanza Camping at Riverbreeze, one of the best campsites in North Carolina, offers a fantastic opportunity to disconnect from screens and reconnect with traditional board or card games. Pack your favorites like Monopoly or Life, or explore some new ones. Visit our Point & Feather Coffee Lounge, where we have an assortment of games to choose from.

Nature Crafts Unleash your creativity with DIY crafts, using natural materials found around our Marion, NC campground. Create friendship bracelets with twine, paint beautiful rocks and shells, or craft a nature-inspired wreath using twigs and branches. These crafts can add fun to your camping experience and serve as cherished keepsakes from your trip.

Scavenger Hunt Engage in a thrilling scavenger hunt, an excellent way to explore the beauty of RV camping in Eastern Carolina and foster teamwork. Draft a list of items to spot, like specific plant species, animal tracks, or natural landmarks. Divide into teams and race to see who completes the scavenger hunt first. For added excitement, include riddles or puzzles in the hunt.

Campfire Karaoke Turn up the fun with a karaoke session by the campfire. If you have a guitar or other musical instruments, create a campfire sing-along. Everyone can take turns choosing a song or playing a tune. Add some karaoke-style lyrics on a screen or sheet of paper to boost the enjoyment! And, of course, don’t forget the s’mores!

At Riverbreeze RV Resort & Campground, the prime choice for RV Parks in Marion, NC, we cater to both the adventurers and the relaxers. So, pack your bags, and hit the road – Riverbreeze and the stunning Eastern Carolina landscapes are waiting for you!